VanAesir, Book 1

A hilarious and snarky contemporary retelling of the Norse mythology story “The Lay of Thrym” from Poetic Edda.

Take a hot-tempered guitarist, a mischievous drummer, and a kickass bassist, and you get VanAesir, one of the hottest underground Viking death metal bands in Seattle.

But the road to the top is an endless struggle, especially for Tor Hagen, lead guitarist of VanAesir and walking disaster for all electronics. Getting through a set without a hitch is a challenge for Tor, whose uncontrollable lightning abilities are amplified through his uniquely crafted guitar, Myollnir.

A few days before one of the largest metal events in the country, Tor wakes up to find his beloved Myollnir has been stolen. With a little help from his friends Frida Winters and Luca Ingram, Tor must do whatever it takes to get it back—even if gaffs and corsets are involved.

ISBN: 9781960253040
Published by Chikara Press

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