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Review: This Time (Moments #3)

This Time

by Marie Hall

Book details:
257 pages
Publisher: Marie Hall Publishing

My Review:
★★★★★ (5 / 5 stars)

*I received an ARC from the author for review*

I’ve read all of the books in the Moments series, and I must say, that this book was the most heart-wrenching. This Time follows the story of Jamie and Tor, whom we saw a cameo of from book 2, Right Now. But back in book 2, Jamie had this on again/of again relationship with Angel, a violent drug addict. Tor meets Jamie at one of his concerts, and they end up having a one-night stand, which leads to some serious consequences that carry the rest of the story. These consequences eventually bring Jamie and Tor together, and Jamie’s eyes are open to the truth about Angel, and how much of a poison he’s been to her all this time. She also realizes just how much she’s been taking Tor’s kindness for granted and it forces her to rethink her whole life.

What I love about this story (and all of the books in this series) is the realism of the situations the characters are put in. A huge issue in this book was the subject of domestic violence, and how it’s hard for a woman to leave their boyfriend whom they think they’re in love with, and not realize how much it’s hurting them. I’ve known people like this in real life, and it’s heart-breaking to watch this, which is why I connected so much with Tor and his frustrations of trying to get Jamie to forget about Angel because of the way he mistreated her all the time.

Jamie in book 2, came off as a ditz, but in book 3, we see her in a new light and understand her situation a bit more. She is very caring and trusting of others, sometimes a little too much. So I think the relationship between her and Tor worked well. She also needed a friend like Zoe to keep her focused on the straight path.

I have a weakness for Vikings and all things Norse mythology, and so I clung to Tor immediately. I loved his character. He’s very protective of Jamie, and yet, very loving and caring. He’s definitely the perfect guy. This Time is told in alternating points of view, and I really enjoyed reading Tor’s POV. He’s so honorable, loyal, and drop-dead sexy, what more could a girl want?

This story has very few steamy scenes, and that’s fine because it worked given the things that happened in this story. But those few scenes are pretty hot, regardless. The story revolved around the growing relationship between Tor and Jamie, and how life unknowingly brings the two of them together whether they are ready or not.

The author did a great job executing this story, and if it’s intended to be the last book of this series, it was closed very well with a sweet HEA and epilogue.