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Review: Royal Date

Royal Date

by Sariah Wilson

Book details:
254 pages
Publisher: Kindle Press

My Review:
★★★★☆ (4 / 5 stars)

I never thought I’d read an entire novel in almost one sitting, but Royal Date had me intrigued from the very beginning. I remembered when this story was up for nomination on Kindle Scout, and had gotten the greenlight to be published. After reading this story, I can certainly see why.

This is a surprisingly well-written page-turning romance unlike any other New Adult book I’ve read. It’s a clean, witty, fanciful, almost fairy tale-like story—think Frozen for adults. I can certainly see where some of the author’s inspiration came from.

The story takes place in a fictional European country called Monterra. Nico Fiorelli is the perfect dream prince. Swoon-worthy, an absolute gentleman, and a huge philanthropist. He meets grad student Katerina MacTaggert, who has visited Monterra with her southern drawl-talking college friend, Lemon for Winter Break. Kat has a ski accident and a few days later, she wakes up to find herself in Nico’s palace. Lemon and Kat (after some convincing) finds a way to boost tourism in the country, and Kat’s given the task of writing an eye-catching article—which involves going on a few dates with Nico as ‘research’. The time Kat and Nico spend together is very sweet, and it was great to see their relationship evolve. Of course, good things don’t last too long, and Kat is faced with the realities of ‘dating’ a prince from fending off nosy paparazzi, jealous girlfriends, and simple misunderstandings.

Several New Adult tropes are found throughout, but I didn’t find it too distracting to the story. I definitely liked Lemon out of all the characters. She was the most level-headed, and told it like it was. I look forward to reading about her and Dante in the next book.

There’s no sex to be found in this story, which can be a welcoming relief in many NA romance stories, but there’s plenty of kissing, and quite a bit of sexual tension. And the HEA will leave you smiling. No cliffhangers to be found. This book feels very self-contained and complete, which I love. And yet, there are so many opportunities for more stories to be had in this fanciful world of Monterra, that the author has geniously concocted.

If you’re looking for a sweet, clean, NA romance, definitely check out this book.