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Review: Falling into Forever (Wintersage Weddings #2)

Falling into Forever

by Phyllis Bourne

Book details:
224 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani
ISBN: 9780373863785

My Review:
★★★★★ (5 / 5 stars)

The second book in the Wintersage Weddings series, Phyllis’s Bourne’s Falling into Forever doesn’t disappoint. The story follows Sandra Woolcott a fashion designer, who makes a bet with her father to cook Thanksgiving dinner by herself. She’s a horrible cook, and her family constantly bashes her about it, and Sandra is on the verge of giving up, as losing the bet would mean she would have to date the obnoxious Dale Mills.

Isaiah, recently returned home from the military, now seeks to pursue his career in London studying at a graphic design school. He is only home for a few weeks, including the Thanksgiving holiday, to visit friends and family.

Isaiah and Sandra had been high school sweethearts, but after they left to pursue their own dreams and careers, their relationship seemed to come to an end. Now that Isaiah’s back, their reunion is pretty sweet. Sandra and Isaiah try to convince each other that they are only friends, but it’s obvious they still desire each other.

Isaiah ends up helping Sandra win her bet by teaching her how to cook. I love that Isaiah was patient with her whenever she messed up, and it showed that he really did care for her and wanted her to succeed. I loved the funny moments of Sandra’s cooking fiasco, like the cayenne pepper french toast. There is an interesting twist toward the end of the book that I didn’t see coming, when Sandra is faced with having to cook dinner at literally the last minute.

This was an overall sweet story. I loved Sandra and Isaiah’s relationship, as well as the tone this story set about the importance of family and listening to one another. This is a great story to read around the Thanksgiving holiday, as the author does a great job in setting the tone and feel of autumn in Wintersage, Massachusetts.