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Review: Dearest Clementine (Dearest Series #1)

Dearest Clementine

by Lex Martin

Book details:
232 pages
Publisher: Lex Martin

My Review:
★★★★☆ (4 / 5 stars)

I’ve marked this story as male/female POV because the very last chapter of the book features a POV shift from Gavin. But the majority of the story was told from Clementine’s POV. This was a very sweet, feel-good New Adult romance sprinkled with a little mystery. Clementine goes to Boston College, and takes a Romance writing course by mistake instead of the Young Adult writing course. Having been out of relationships for a long time since her high school and college freshman years, Clementine is unsure how she’s going to be able to write a believable romance novel. That is, until she meets Gavin Murphy, the schools journalist. Gavin has been investigating the disappearance of a student on campus, which, unbeknownst to him at the time, has somewhat of a connection with Clementine’s past with one of the campus faculty.

Clementine and Gavin grow closer, as he helps her with writing the perfect romance novel, and Clementine slowly learns to love and trust again. Their relationship has its ups and downs, and I think it was mainly based on each other’s trust. Clementine was hurt bad in a past life and has grown an icy heart toward guys. She has only a small group of friends she’d open up to. She has many secrets of her own, including the fact that she’s a New York Times bestselling YA indie author who writes under a pen name. But the story behind that pen name was to protect her identity from a creepy campus stalker.

The mystery gets solved at the end of the story, and the happily ever after ending is promised after the loose ends are all tied. I won’t spoil the mystery, but I do have a question about what had happened in those three months, and would’ve wanted to know just a bit more about how crazy this guy was.

Overall, this was an enjoyable New Adult story. The beginning started out a little slow-paced for my taste as we got to know Clementine’s iciness a little more, and hint at her bad relationships in the past. Gavin was all-around sweet and caring, the perfect boyfriend for her. Clementine definitely had some trust issues, perhaps overly so, but it felt believable enough, given the past experiences she faced. After the 50% mark, I’d say the story started to really pick up for me.

The intimate scenes were sweet and innocent, and not too explicit, but still enjoyable. I thought Clementine and Gavin made a great couple. Clementine felt like a girl I could relate to, and that’s saying a lot, because I’m rarely able to relate to the heroines in romance books.

I loved that this book was sort of a ‘book within a book’ as we were reading about an author who wrote a book about relationship drama, when she was living that drama herself. The small metaphors sprinkled in this book made the story that much more intriguing. This is a great book I would recommend to New Adult lovers looking for a sweet, feel-good story sprinkled with a little mystery.