No Strings Attached – Bonus Prequel Story

Author’s note: This story that takes place several months before Desmond meets Tianna in No Strings Attached.

Ay, Desmond, can I feel it?”

I blink at the woman’s innocent-sounding question. She stares back at me with a cute, do-no-wrong expression in her big brown eyes. Just when I thought tonight was going to end up being one of those nights when nothing exciting happens, and my back and feet hurt like hell from manning these doors, this deliciously sexy Latina in a short blue dress turns my night upside down with one simple question. I’d caught a glimpse of her tight ass and curvaceous figure when I let her into the club a few hours ago. She didn’t seem interested then, looking right through me. Sometimes being a bouncer has its perks, especially with the women, but not tonight it’d seemed.

But damn, was I wrong about this one. I’m usually able to read people and sense their true intentions. Comes with working on this job for so damn long. She’s got me curious. I’ve met women like her before. Short-term intentions, but long-term fun. Good booty call material.

“You sure you want to feel it?” I ask with a little playfulness in my tone.

Crossing her arms, she struggles to fight down her smile. “Ay, stop teasing.”

“Okay.” I smirk and flex my arm. While I’m not tall or broad like a football player, I’m just as solid. It’s a minimum requirement in this line of work.

She feels my bicep and gives it a little squeeze. Even through the sleeve of my blazer, her touch is electrifying.

Her eyes widen. “¡Coño! It is hard!”

I chuckle. “Yeah. Rock solid.” I let the innuendo simmer.

Her expression turns more coy as she brushes a finger over her thick, juicy lips. “Ever been with a Latina?”

“Hell yes. They’re fun. And always so damn beautiful.” I look her up and down and give her a satisfied smile. “Ever been with a brother?”

She twists a lock of her dark curly hair around her finger as she eyes me with a hint of mischief. “Sí. You guys know how to give a woman some good company.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Oh? How so?”

She bites her bottom lip in response, an innocent, yet sexy gesture that keeps my eyes on her, but my attention on my surroundings remain at the forefront. “Are you clocking out soon?” she finally asks.

After tonight’s lackluster action, I can use some action of my own. I can tell she’s not drunk—thank God—just horny. We both seem to want some company tonight, not giving two shits if it ends up just being a one-night stand.

“Ten minutes, then closing time, babe,” I say, flicking another glance at her lips before returning my attention to a group of people passing by the club. “So, yeah.”

She steps in front of me and prods a finger in my chest. I flick my gaze from that slender index finger with a ruby-red painted nail, to her hardened face. “It’s Alondra,” she emphasizes in her sexy Spanish accent.

I stiffen and exhale a breath I’d been inadvertently holding. Her forcefulness brings some life into my deprived dick. “Yes, ma’am.”


Alondra and I emerge from the Amsterdam Avenue subway station, and she leads me to her Washington Heights apartment building off 162nd Street. I’ve been in this area a few times, working the doors at one of the upscale Latin bars a couple blocks from here.

We ascend the stairs of the second floor and stop in front of her apartment door among three others in the tiny hallway under the buzz of a dim, flickering fluorescent light.

She jiggles the key in the lock, and I place my hand over hers. She pauses, and I run my fingers along the smooth skin of her bare arm, up her shoulder. Fumbling with the key, she mutters under her breath, “Dios mío, está guapisimo…

Vaguely recognizing a few words, I smirk. “Is that a problem?” I murmur in her ear, amused by her fluster.

“No.” She finally pushes the door open and pulls me inside her quaint apartment. “Keep me company tonight.”

“Can’t make any promises. What’s in it for me?”

She smiles coyly, then wraps her arms around my waist. “As much as you can handle, papí.”

I laugh and embrace her in my arms, running my hands along her back. “Yeah? Well that sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?”

“No catch.” She edges closer to my lips, then stops and looks into my eyes. “Just one night. No strings attached.”

My gaze flutters down to her moist lips. “I like those terms.” I daringly claim those lips with my own.

She clings to me like glue, matching my kiss force for force, lust for lust. Her taste is as fiery as cinnamon, yet sweet like sugar. A mix that keeps me wanting more. My body gets hot fast. I press her back against the wall of her kitchen and devour those lips. She tears off my blazer and tugs at my button-down shirt underneath. Breaking the kiss, I unbutton the shirt and toss it on the floor with the blazer.

Alondra’s eyes briefly explore my bare chest, then drift further downward. “Ay, papí…

I tilt her chin up, forcing her to look at my face. Then, I steal another kiss. I carefully unzip the back of her blue dress and peel down the spaghetti straps. The dress falls away from her body, revealing her elegant treasures beneath. She’s buttery smooth with perfect curves. Defined, yet thick enough to grab.

Holy shit. She’s not wearing panties.

My dick steels.

As I stare at her full, perky breasts, her soft abs, her thick thighs, and the glistening juice dripping between them, she bites her bottom lip in that same innocently sexy gesture that makes my dick throb.

“Are you as hard as those guns of yours?” she murmurs cutely, pinching one of my biceps.

I groan, then undo my belt and pants, giving my erection the freedom it so desperately needs. “What do you think?”

Her eyes widen briefly. “I think you need to shut up. Te quiero adentro de mi.

Grinning, I don’t need to understand what she’s saying to know what she wants. I fish through the discarded clothing for my wallet. I pull out a condom and slip it on.

My attention returns to her lips, and I crash mine into hers with furious need. Using the wall as a support, I lift one of her legs and thrust into her. She’s tight. Wet. Every single inch of me is welcomed inside.

Her body shudders. Moaning, she wraps her leg around my waist. I thrust her harder, keeping her pinned to the wall so her body can’t yield. I break the kiss and run my tongue across one of her nipples. She breathes hard with every tantalizing flick. Slowly, her nipple protrudes and hardens at my tongue’s insistence.

“There it is,” I tease, then press against her nipple with my tongue. Like a little button ready to set her off at any moment.

Ay, your tongue…your tongue is amazing, papí…” she says through hitched breaths.

I latch onto her breast and suck her hard as my tongue continues swirling around her peak.

Her body tenses, and she moans louder.

I drive deeper into her core. Harder. Faster. She drags her fingers across my hair. My body gyrates in a steady rhythm that rocks her. My dick throbs inside her tight-clenching walls, making me groan from the pain and pleasure of claiming her body.

I release her ravaged breast with a satisfying pop. Both nipples are hard and erect, much like my throbbing dick.

My hands draw down the length of her thighs, and I lift her other leg up until only her back is supported by the wall. Cupping her ass with my hands, I grind my hips into her. She cries out and cinches her legs around my waist, her thighs squeezing tight. I give her a final hard push, and her core constricts, sending her over the edge and forcing out her hot orgasm. The sound of her satisfaction and the feel of her heat encompassing my dick is enough to make me come undone. Numbness shoots through my body and out my dick, leaving behind a surge of heat. I exhale as every last drop of my pleasure, pain, and aggravation is released. My legs grow weak, and I slide to the floor with Alondra still in my arms. We’re both breathing heavily. I lean my back against the wall and exhale.

Alondra kisses my cheek, rests her head on my shoulder, and then closes her eyes.

I rest my chin atop her head and close my eyes as well, enjoying the sounds of our pounding heartbeats, and the smell of our sex. It’s been a good night so far. If only I had more nights like these. For now, I’ll enjoy what few hours left I have with Alondra before we step out of this fantasy and return to the grind that is real life.

Ay, Dios mío…” she whispers.


“We didn’t even make it to the bedroom.”

I snort a laugh. “Didn’t need to.”

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