For Readers

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Hello, awesome reader! Are you interested in helping me further? Have a look around this page for some fun, quick, and easy ways to help spread the word about my books. Whether you’re a new reader or super fan, I’m very grateful for you. Without my readers and fans, my dreams of sharing my creations with the world wouldn’t be possible. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

  • REVIEW my books and post your reviews at the major book retailer sites like Amazon, B&N, and iTunes, as well as your blog (if applicable) and reader communities like Goodreads. – This is the #1 most effective way to help!
  • REQUEST my books at your local library.
  • SHARE, PIN, AND/OR TWEET any of the graphics or tweets on your social media pages.
  • ADD AND RECOMMEND my books on Goodreads.
  • SELECT your most helpful Amazon reviews of my books.
  • FOLLOW Marie Long on all your favorite social networks, as well as Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub. (See all the list of sites I am active on in the social media column).
  • INVITE your friends and family to join my newsletter and social media pages.
  • STAY ACTIVE on my newsletter and social media pages.
  • TELL your reader friends and family about my books!



I understand times can be hard, and reading can be an expensive endeavor. If you are unable to afford my books, I encourage you to request them at your local public library. You can not only read all of my ebooks for free on platforms like Overdrive and Libby, but you are also helping other readers discover my books!

If you can’t find my books at your local public library, then please request them! Librarians are always looking for new and exciting authors for their physical and digital bookshelves, and your request will help so many new readers!

And did you know? You can read your checked-out library ebooks on your phone, tablet, and e-reader (including Kindle) device!