Peaches & Rahim

A Sweet and Light-Hearted Romantic Comedy by Marie Long.

Picking a fight with her neighbor over peaches may have been a touch unnecessary, but—in Renee Foster’s defense—she was stressing over the demands of being an entrepreneur and the tree is on her property.

Still, to make nice, she takes Rahim Hunter a “peach offering.” They may even have been on their way to a possible friendship had a series of misunderstandings and blunders not resulted in an ambulance ride and one of them in traction.

Both agree a truce is necessary, but can they put their differences aside to find their way to a cobbler sweet ending?

Rom-com fans are sure to enjoy the enemies-to-lovers recipe found in Peaches & Rahim!

Peaches & Rahim by Marie Long

Praise for Peaches & Rahim

★★★★ (4 / 5 stars) “This short and sweet romance novels is perfect for a beach trip, or a quick read after read[ing] denser books. This book has helped me get out of a reading slump. …” – Goodreads Review